Happy New Year! 2019 Edition

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy a healthy and prosperous new year with your friends and family – full of hard work, great fun, and tons of new memories and successes. In the previous New Year edition, I gave a message of hope. This year, I want to share with you an important message […]

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Joy To The World

It’s the holiday season, my favorite time of the year. Last year, to celebrate this spectacular season, I wrote Thweets Blog’s 12 Days of Christmas – a groundbreaking Christmas-themed series that attracted a lot of holiday cheer from its viewers, to my utmost delight and gratitude. It was so awesome that I had to share […]

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Common Ground

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to give thanks, indulge in delicious food, spend quality time with your friends and family, have plenty of fun and memories, and share a special kind of love with others. Although this is lovely and all, Thanksgiving can also be a great time to reunite with someone who you dislike […]

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Never Alone

I’ve been listening to a fantastic album recently called Hiding Place by Tori Kelly, and while I find all the songs on this album amazing, there’s this one song called Never Alone whose lyrics are so relatable, and have stuck out to me every time I’ve listened to it. So, I’ve decided to sort of analyze […]

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Imagine running a 100 meter dash with 10 hurdles on your path. You’ve trained endless hours for this very moment. The crowd is watching you and anticipating the result of your performance. You hope that you can successfully (and easily) jump over every hurdle one by one. Now, imagine the problems in your life, however […]

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A Letter To The Womb

Friday, September 28, 2018, is my mother’s birthday. To celebrate Adenike Akoh, my awesome brother Victor Akoh bestowed on me the honor of sharing this beautiful letter he felt inspired to write. This is A Letter To The Womb. Dear Womb, Even though my stay was not a memorable one, it was successful by all […]

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Vie For The Prize

“Never give up,” a phrase we’ve all heard before, something we all try to do (at least sometimes). But what about “don’t settle for less” or “vie for the prize”? Two phrases that we not only hear less often but are also different from “never give up”. Stay with me. Never give up means don’t […]

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Surrounded But Isolated

Surrounded: be all around (someone), be associated with Isolated: having minimal contact or little in common with others, lonely How could you possibly be both at the same time? You can, I should know. You can be surrounded by a group of people but feel isolated deep down. And if you’re ever in a situation […]

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2017: Our Year In Review

We’re doing something a little different with our New Year’s blog post this year. Unlike “Happy New Year! – 2017 Edition“, where I gave a message of hope and looked forward to the upcoming year, this year, I want to look back at the progress Thweets Blog has made in 2017, as it was our […]

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