lessons learned

i was debating whether i should end the year with a fictional or nonfictional blog post, with an escape from this year’s reality or a deeper look inside it, but i eventually decided to write a true-to-life post because i wanted to end the year with a real, meaningful piece. 2020 seemed like a rollercoaster […]

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When This Is All Over

When this is all over We’ll wonder why we complained ’Cause staying in quarantine Kept corona restrained When this is all over We’ll keep thanking the brave Our healthcare workers And their mission to save When this is all over We will come out stronger And realize we can do anything When we work together […]

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Behind the Scenes

It’s showtime! I’m ready to be someone who I’m not. I’ve memorized my lines, I’ve rehearsed this part multiple times, I’ve basically become this character. I’m not pretending anymore, this is the real me, the me that the audience sees. They want a show, let me give it to them. I play two parts in […]

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Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a great time to give thanks, but we should be thankful every single day. Let’s be grateful for the big things and the small things. Let’s stop complaining about the things we don’t have and start appreciating the things we do have (that others don’t). Let’s also love our loved ones a little […]

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Perfect. It’s a word we like to use, it’s a status we want to attain, it’s the approval we seek and it’s the falsehood we fall for. No one in this world is, or can ever be, perfect. No scholar knows everything, no model is absolutely flawless and no one makes no mistakes. There will […]

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step into His freedom

dear world, step into His freedom. Step into His freedom He heals when the devil harms Come into His kingdom He welcomes you with open arms He’s kind and loving He created everything He’s awesome and caring He works in every being Follow Him diligently Worship Him faithfully Serve Him excellently Praise Him gratefully He […]

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emotions are key

dear world, emotions are key. emotions are key to living a healthy life and you are the key to your emotions. you control them. you choose how you feel. your emotions don’t have the upper hand, you do. the problem is that we give our emotions too much power. they’re not uncontrollable, massive or untouchable. they are […]

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take a deep breath

dear world, take a deep breath. take a deep breath has both physical and metaphorical value. however, taking a deep breath, on its own, isn’t going to solve your biggest problems or produce something grand like world peace. but, it can certainly make significant changes in your life that will do you some good. sometimes you […]

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you do you

dear world, you do you. oscar wilde famously said “be yourself; everyone else is already taken” and that’s a message i take to heart. some people criticize me for being and doing things that are unconventional and beyond the norm, to say the least. but that’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. why? because i. […]

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this is personal

dear world, this is personal. welcome to my heart. it’s a wonderful place that i’m so glad i get to share with you throughout this series. dear world is going to be a lot less structured than my other blog posts because i really want to be more open with you and pour out important things that […]

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